“Hit It, Alice!” – A Woman’s Golf Guide

Barb Hanson


“Hit It, Alice! A Woman’s Golf Guide to Everything But the Swing” is a new book by Barb Hanson now available through Amazon for the Kindle Reader as well as the Kindle application on your IPad and smartphones.

This book is a self-help guide for women who want to play golf with more confidence. It’s an educational tool designed to shortcut the process of learning about the game, its rules and etiquette, as well as its customs and terminology.

For women who already play golf, the rules chapter is a comprehensive, yet understandable overview of the rules and serves as a great reference tool. Don’t miss the chapter on the mental game. It’s said that 90% of the game is mental and the other 10% is mental.

For women who are new to the game, a section is devoted to the basics of the game followed by a detailed plan for getting started and continuing in the game.

For business women who should be playing golf with customers, clients or prospects, the book details how to turn a round of golf into a long-term business relationship.

An excerpt from “Hit It, Alice!”

“The word “tournament” often has a powerful negative effect on golfers. Competing in a tournament may turn an otherwise positive attitude into negative anticipation complete with churning stomach, restlessness, racing heart, and sweaty palms. What do you fear? Failure? Embarrassment? Rejection?

“Golf is unique in that the game is completely in your own hands. The bottom line (good or bad) is the result of your own planning, practice, and preparation. Entering into competition gives you a chance to test yourself against your peers. And you shouldn’t be afraid of it. You should look forward to competition as a chance to grow, change and improve. You can learn from your opponents, from playing new golf courses, and from situations that arise in the course of play. You can learn more about yourself as a competitor – your strengths, your weaknesses, your strategies, your goals.

“I was playing in my club championship, a tournament that’s very important to me. Towards the end of the second day, I felt the round slipping away from me. I just wasn’t playing well enough to overcome the leader. On the 18th green, I had a fairly lengthy putt to salvage a bogey. Instead of focusing on that shot, I began to focus on the end result. I told myself that I wasn’t going to win whether I sunk the putt or not. I had already conceded the tournament. Well, what I actually conceded was 2nd and 3rd place as well, because I proceeded to 4-putt. It was humiliating(!) and a lesson I’ll never forget. I became more “tournament tough” that day. I won’t give up again.

“Are all competitive experiences good? Of course not. But all competitive experiences should be educational. They should give you an idea of where you excel and where you fall short. They should provide you with renewed enthusiasm and incentive to excel. They should be filed in your memory as examples of things feared and conquered. You’ll be much more ready for the next event, the next challenge and the next tournament. “

“Hit It, Alice!” is a great reference book for you or any woman on who loves golf.

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Watch for the hard-cover version of “Alice” coming soon!

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